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We adapt our design for any kind of sport!

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No matter what sport you do, we can adapt our designs for anything. Just tell us what you prefer.

Our company has been producing leotards for rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, dancing clothes, synchronous swimming, ice skating for over 10 years! And we’re one of the leading Russian producers.

Of course, you see more designs for rhythmic gymnastics leotards in our web-store. But for us the sky is the limit! So, we can easily change our ready design according to your needs.

Also, note that:

  • Our professional tailors use only high quality Italian fabrics.
  • Our production time is just 2 weeks!
  • We can make any garment according to your sketch!
  • We’ve already sewn a lot of costumes for acrobatics in which sportsmen took only Silver and Gold medals in 2013!

Moreover, we don’t sew only for girls, we adapt for boys too!

Here are some photos how rhythmic gymnastics design turned into acrobatics costumes:


Just choose one our ready designs from the catalogues and we’ll turn it into competition suits for:


-Men’s rhythmic gymnastics

- Artistic gymnastics

- Ice skating

- Synchronous swimming

 - Dancing etc.

Costumes for Acrobatics

Our artists will create extraordinary image for you, our masters will make up your order in time and in best quality.

If you make a bulk purchase (for a team of 10 members minimum or for a sum of 350$), we’ll be glad to provide you with 10% discount. Thus you save your time and money!

Just write to us or place an order in the Cart. Please, indicate the exact measurements for your order (see our article How to take measurements) so that we could make up the items correctly.

Our sales manager will contact you to specify all the details and your wishes, discuss the measurements of the clothes you order and deadlines. In case of urgent order, we’ll make a mutual decision, convenient for both, and offer alternative variants. We also can consult you about current fashion tendencies.

After the order is paid, it goes to the tailory manufacture.

We will deliver your order by any delivery service you’ll choose!

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
Quality of Our RG Leotards
Stitches quality

All stitching is performed on industrial machinery. Triple quality control

Body measurements for a perfect fit are easy to make using our video guide